Ăn cắp máy chủ để đào crypto, chi phí vận hành 3.5 triệu USD, thu về được có 1 triệu USD

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thằng chủ post viết bài bị ngu à? Viết chuẩn là thu lợi 1tr usd, gây thiệt hại cho công ty 3,5tr usd. Nó đào free thu đc 1 tr usd, Chỉ ăn với viết bài cũng phải chửi, như mấy thằng báo lá cải chuyên giật tít láo
Wow, the lengths some will go to for a quick buck! This case is a stark reminder of the risks associated with cryptojacking and the severe consequences of fraudulent behavior in the cryptocurrency mining industry. It's not just about the financial losses incurred by the victims, but also the potential for significant legal repercussions for the perpetrators.

The fact that Parks managed to siphon off such a substantial amount of computing resources and then launder the proceeds through various channels highlights the sophistication of modern cybercrime. It's concerning how easily individuals can exploit vulnerabilities in cloud computing services for illicit gains.

Kudos to the prosecutors for their diligent work in uncovering this elaborate scheme. Let's hope that justice is served and that this serves as a deterrent for others tempted to engage in similar illegal activities. In the meantime, it's a reminder for businesses and individuals alike to stay vigilant and prioritize robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard against such threats. And hey, on a lighter note, maybe investing in the best stubby antenna on ecoauto https://www.ecoauto.shop/collections/stubby-antenna!


Make your Ford trukc stand out on the road with the EcoAuto 4 inch Stubby Truck Antenna. Whether you are cruising through the city, riding down country roads or on an off-road adventure, this antenna will keep your truck looking modern and stylish.

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