Best Chrome VPN Extension For 2021
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According to the research, every VPN providers are offering Chrome VPN Extension, which is most necessary for the Chrome user. This extension gives you online anonymity, secure browsing, allow to access streaming, and blocked content. Now the issue is how to select the best one in the entire list. Because some of them are offer proxy server in their extensions, which only gives you, selected number of country servers to change your IP address and nothing more. However, others are providing complete VPN features such as data security, online privacy, protect from ddos and secure wifi connection.
Chrome VPN Features
At the time of selecting a Chrome VPN, you have to know that why you need this, either you stream content from around the world or you just use it for secure email and protect your banking activities.
If you just want to use it for accessing blocked content then free VPN can make you happy but free VPNs drop your internet speed near to dead slow. However, paid VPNs provide you complete range of premium features, which makes your entire internet life, secure.

Today we discuss about the top three Chrome VPN extension that are powerful, user-friendly and number of servers.

1. ExpressVPN
ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN provider in the market. Its Chrome VPN extension offers complete desktop app features in-browser but for getting extension, you should install a native app in your system. Visit

2. PureVPN
If you want to take a trial for a week to check either it is good or not. Then, PureVPN is the good option because it offers 7-day trial on Chrome extension for new user. It gives you 30 most popular countries servers to get access your favorite content with no bandwidth limit. Visit

3. NordVPN
NordVPN is a most popular VPN, which gives you numerous protection layers such as DNS leak protection, and WebRTC Leak Protection, which makes you 100% anonymous on internet world. It offers 69% off with 3-month free deal that is attractive deal as compare to other providers. Visit

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