CD Solitudes Forest Guitar - 320kbps

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CD Solitudes Forest Guitar - 320kbps
CD Solitudes Forest Guitar
Bitrate : 320kbps- Format: MP3 - Size: 128MB - Release: 2002 - Label: Somerset Entertainment - Link: Megaupload

Follow a trail through the unspoiled beauty of the forest where, amidst the glory of nature, the guitar’s expressive voice comes alive. Instrumentation includes acoustic guitar, cello, flute & piano.

Lead Artists:
Daniel May, Dan Gibson
D. May
None specified.
Nature Sounds:
Toad, American; Frog, Bull; Cardinal; Grackle, Common; Loon, Common; Cricket; Crow, Common; Finch, House; Flycatcher, Great Crested; Sparrow, Fox; Frog, Green; Flicker, Northern; Osprey; Frog, Spring Peeper; Woodpecker, Red-bellied; Blackbird, Red-winged; Kinglet, Ruby-crowned; Owl, Screech; Snipe, Common; Sparrow, Song; Sparrow, Bachman's; Frog, Gray Tree-; Titmouse, Tufted; Vireo, Red-eyed; Frog, Western Chorus; Sparrow, White-crowned; Woodpecker, Pileated

List 10 bài

01. Dan Gibson - Appalachian Morning.mp3
02. Dan Gibson - Clean and Clear.mp3
03. Dan Gibson - In the Evening Air.mp3
04. Dan Gibson - Sequoia Serenade.mp3
05. Dan Gibson - Crimson Sky.mp3
06. Dan Gibson - Spruce Woods.mp3
07. Dan Gibson - Old Growth Stand.mp3
08. Dan Gibson - Lake on the Mountain.mp3
09. Dan Gibson - Under the Willow.mp3
10. Dan Gibson - Moonlight Shimmer.mp3

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