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GeekerPDF | 18 Mb
Geekersoft PDF Editor is a PDF processing tool that can modify/add text, pictures, annotations, etc. In addition, it also has functions such as PDF merging, splitting, encryption, adding watermarks, and OCR recognition. The interface of this tool is simple and easy to use, and the processing is efficient and fast.

What are the functions of Geekersoft PDF Editor?
Add text
A click to add / modify / move / delete PDF document text content.
Add images
Add/modify/delete pictures quickly.

Add watermark
Quickly add watermarks and support a built-in recognition to remove watermarks.
Content annotation
Various types of annotations can be added to PDF files.
Sign PDF
Sign PDF with an electronic signature
OCR recognition
Supports fast encryption and decryption of documents.
File encryption
Supports fast encryption and decryption of documents.
Format conversion
Quickly transfer to and from various office documents such as Word.
Pdf document editing
Support adding text and pictures, and other content editing anywhere, and can quickly extract text from PDF documents.
Content document annotation
Various types of annotations can be added to PDF files, such as highlighting, underlining, wavy lines, pointing arrows, rectangles, etc., which are very convenient for review and use.

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PDF page management
GeekerPDF provides complete page operation functions and supports various PDF page management operations, such as merging multiple PDF files, splitting PDF files, extracting PDF pages, adding new PDF pages, rotating PDF pages, and deleting PDF pages.
PDF conversion and OCR function
For those who want to convert PDF files to Office formats, Geekersoft also has the ability to convert PDF files to Word, PPT, Excel, and images. And it can also convert scanned PDFs into editable PDF files with the OCR function.
Other functions
In addition to the above functions, GeekerPDF also has dozens of functions such as encryption and decryption of PDF, adding and deleting watermarks, adding and deleting backgrounds, adding and deleting Bates code, and handwritten signatures,etc.. it is a very perfect PDF solution.
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