Harsh's Custom Rom

19/04/2012 02:04Phản hồi: 1
Base Firmware : S8500DDLC2
Better Ram management for better performance
Reduced Rc1 File
Reduced Csc File
Except “English” All the keyboard languages are ripped off.
Except “English” All the core languages are ripped off
Social Hub Premium Activated
Call Recording is already there.
Except 3 Removed all the system ringtones
Removed all the Java Applications
Gps Fix – Location Fixing made fast
Sms & Mms Recpt. Limit made to 10 to 300
Mms Image Resizeing changed from 3mb to 5mb
Removed all CSC except INU
New Shpcsc Feature activated by which users will be able to see all the hidden storage and partitions of their phone when they connect their phone to Laptop/Pc
Another Shpcsc Feature activated named Mea Calander. By this feature 2 more calander types are added in the calender settings.
Front Camera Activated in Camera App.
Mms sending size increased to 7 mb

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Harsh's Custom Rom. S8500DDLC2 v2.0

Will write the whole changelog again.
1) Edited CSC and RC1 file
2) Removed all keyboard and other languages except english
3) Deleted MyMusic and Orkut
4) Activated Social Hub premium with chat.
5) Removed Gtalk, MSN and Yahoo(SevenIM is present)
6) I assume call recording is already there in the firmware.
7) Removed all CSC except INU
8) Better Ram management.
9) Add Java apps like Google Maps, Opera and Palringo.(Thanks to nexus)
10) GPS Fix
11) Added Polaris office.
12) Removed all fonts and extra system files.
13) Only 3 ringtones
14) Removed Caster.
15) MMS and SMS recipents increased.
16) MMS filesize increased.

Knows Bugs: Can't Install two apps at the same time.



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