NEEBank for Everyone
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(Simple, Smart, Secure)
Today is one of the biggest days in Omanee’s milestone, the recent economic crisis, and climate changes ….etc and although what may seem like an end, it’s actually an exciting beginning because today is day one of NEEbank incorporated by Omanee Corporation on 29 November 2020.

For those who think that NEEBANK does not sound like a typical bank at all , you are exactly right. Neebank is not your average bank. Neebank makes it simple to save, simple to understand and simple to do all of your everyday banking unlike other banks.

We dont charge on fare fees because we dont believe in them and we pride ourselves and aim on offering great rates, innovative products, live stylish and digitalish experience, and wow-wow customer services.

Applying technology and finance solutions with Blockchain
While we are making the digital bank reality in the making, we come with 3 years of experience of applying technology and finance solutions with Blockchain – no third party, concise, precise and accurate, and a strong commitment, desire and passion to hold true to our vision. We would like to simplify banking, innovate, challenge the status quo and bring Asia “A dream for Asia” and to live a better life and have efficient business.

Although there will be challenging , this is an exciting time and it’s just the beginning

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