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1. Vietnam travel July – weather

This time of the year is the low season of tourism because of the term “Vietnam rainy season”. In southern Vietnam, even thought the rainy season starts from April to September, the precipitation reaches the highest level in June, July and August. So Vietnam travel in July means Vietnam rainy season travel.

Many of you might hesitate when thinking about Vietnam travel July, right? With high rainfall, you might be afraid that it can ruin your vacation and you can’t go anywhere except sitting in a coffee shop and waiting for the rain stop. But I want to tell you that if you want to see a different Vietnam in the authentically local, you should go for Vietnam travel July. You will have chance to see many interesting things or even mingle with locals to enjoy rainy days in local way.

We should take a look at general weather in Vietnam now. At this time in Southern Vietnam, it’s summer and the weather is boiling hot with the average temperature about 35 degrees. That will be unbearable for some people. But thanks to the rains, you will have some fresh and cool air. People call it rainy season doesn’t mean it rains all the time. Actually, the rain only last about an hour, which is enough to wash away the summer heat.

With Vietnam travel July, you meet more rain in the south than the north. However, the rains in Southern Vietnam are more sudden. You might not see any signs of coming rain like black clouds, strong wind,… In addition, the temperature in the south is higher than in the north even in the of the year when it’s winter in the north.

2. Why does Vietnam travel July capture your attention?
Interesting things in rainy seasons attract me a lot. They don’t come from famous destination like Vietnam travel in December, they come from local life. Seeing how people live in tough periods is great experiences. I mean through that you can understand the way local deal with the difficulties in their life, which demonstrates local culture. If you go for Vietnam travel July, you will notice that the rain affect locals a lot. They have lots of difficulties in traffic, in daily activities, in moving to their office,…

The rains are not boring all the time, you will find exciting moments when local use raincoat looking like a poncho. And this kind of poncho varies from the basic style with 2 holes for motorbike mirrors to the one with a plastic window for the mirrors. With the Asian figure, Vietnamese can fit this poncho while it’s a little cramped for expat. They also have double poncho with 2 holes for 2 people, it’s very convenient.

With Vietnam travel July, you will realize how positive and hard-working Vietnamese is. You might feel annoyed when keep disturb by the rains whenever you go out. But with the locals, they keep their optimistic attitude toward the tough weather. No one complain and they keep doing things as usual. Whenever the rain starts, they pull over and put on their poncho and keep going. No rush, no complains they are calm and comfortable with that. With the terrified traffic in Vietnam and the rain, you might want to swear.

As my friends said, in rainy season, Vietnamese go to work without calling for being sick or working from home. They arrive at the office on time and work as there is no rain outside. I think that’s the culture which only with Vietnam travel July you can see it more clearly.

3. How to enjoy rainy season with Vietnam travel July
You might realize that in tourist low season, prices of services are much cheaper than other times. With Vietnam travel July you will be amazed how cheap travel offers are from accommodations, transports to other activities. Therefore, if you want to book a Mekong delta cruise, go for it! Moreover, you will receive better services. This is because at this time, there are not much tourist so all services are not crowded and travel agencies focus on you more.

One thing I really like about Vietnam travel July is that there are less tourists in any sites. You might feel like going to a big meeting of travelers on Halong Bay in May and you don’t find anything called wild, natural or pristine. But if you travel to Vietnam in July, you will have chance to enjoy more space and air.

On the other hand, if you are a photographer both professional and amateur, you might capture amazing moments of people and view during the rain. I think that with an artist soul, you can find the beauty in any circumstance by any mean. And you will see it’s not bad for Vietnam travel July.
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