THỦ THUẬT Cách cài Bootcamp driver cho Win7 64bit lên máy MAC k hỗ trợ

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    E đã tìm các cài Bootcamp cho Win7 64 bit cho máy đời cũ không cho cài đặt bootcamp rồi. Cách này sử dụng tốt cho bootcamp 4.0 mới nhất.

    This new DVD will boot just fine. From it you can install Windows 7 on your MacBook Pro.
    But it doesn’t end there! You’ll want to install the new Snow Leopard drivers, so after everything has finished, insert your Snow Leopard DVD. This is where I ran into another problem. I could not run the Setup. It would tell me that “this model Macintosh does not support 64-bit drivers”.
    Again, after a little research, I found the solution. The trick is to run the Snow Leopard Driver installer in compatibility mode:
    1. On the BootCamp CD open “Drivers/Apple”
    2. Right click on “BootCamp64.msi” -> Properties
    3. Go To “Compability” Tab, under “Compability Mode” check the box and select “Previous Versions of Windows”
    4. Now doubleclick on the “BootCamp64.msi” and install normally
    After doing this, the drivers all installed and everything seems to be working great.
    Note: Overcome "This installation requires elevated privileges. Launch the installer through setup.exe." by disabling UAC settings control (Never Notify) in Win7 and restart.

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