Download camtasia 2019.0.5 Build 109441 macOS

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    Download camtasia v2019.0.5 Build 109441 macOS
    camtasia for Mac

    Camtasia for mac là phiên bản dành cho Mac của phần mềm quay video màn hình máy tính camtasia studio nổi tiếng nhất hiện nay, các bạn có thể tải về camtasia studio 2018.0.8 for Macos miễn phí tại đây

    Hiện tại đã có bản camtasia v2019 for mac full active free, các bạn có thể tải về miễn phí tại đây

    Các tính năng mới của Camtasia studio v2019
    • Record screen and webcam: Capture crisp video and audio from your desktop. Or record webcam to add a personal touch to your video.
    • Add effects: Camtasia gives you pre-made animations that are simple to customize. Effects add professionalism and polish to your videos with drag-and-drop functionality.
    • Music and audio:Choose from our library of royalty-free music and sound effects. And Camtasia lets you record and edit your audio clips to get the perfect audio for your video.
    • Titles, annotations, and callouts: Grab attention in your videos with eye-catching titles, annotations, effects and more.
    • Zoom, pan, and animate: Add zoom in, zoom out, and pan animations to your screen recordings.
    • Create quizzes:Add quizzes and interactivity to encourage and measure learning in your videos.
    • Transitions:Use transitions between scenes and slides to improve the flow of your videos.
    • Record and import presentations: Turn your presentation into a video. Record or import PowerPoint slides directly into Camtasia.
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