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    Photodex ProShow Producer 6.0.3397 | 52.58 MB

    Fast, easy + customizable video slideshow tools. Share videos anywhere.. Build stunning professional slideshows with unlimited production control, powerful creative tools and time-saving shortcuts.

    Text Layers

    Take Your Captions To the Next Level
    Convert any caption into a text layer with a click - then let the creativity flow.
    Text layers unlock a whole new realm of creative options for captions. Use them to apply slick effects like 3D tilt motion and blur to captions.
    Text layers can also be used as masks for images and videos. Experiment with the Z-order interplay between text layers and images for other exciting effects possibilities.

    Advanced Captions

    More Font Options with OTF Support
    Enjoy a full range of fonts to use for your captions, with new OTF (OpenType Font) support. No longer limited to TrueType fonts, you can explore countless new looks for text using virtually any font installed on your computer.

    Time-Saving Caption Enhancements
    Utilize time-saving captioning features like new wizard support for text + photo combos and one-click upper or lowercase auto type.

    Keyframe Enhancements

    Convenient Timing Control Features
    Freeze motion between keyframes with a simple right-click to maintain a static keyframe setting by automatically creating a new keyframe that pauses motion.
    Switching from automatic to manual mode? Keep your values automatically. Switch all values on a keyframe to manual with one option.
    Display keyframe times in relation to the overall show, or in relation to the slide.

    ProShow Remote App

    Publish shows to iOS devices easily
    Send finished ProShow slideshow videos wirelessly to your iPhone or iPad from your computer with the FREE ProShow Remote app for iOS. No cables needed.

    Live remote control playback
    Turn your iOS device into a remote control for live playback of ProShow slideshows running on your computer. Play, pause, skip, rewind and even go full screen with this handy little app.

    Import content from your iOS device
    Use the app to easily import photos and video clips from your iOS device into your ProShow slideshows.

    Advanced Audio

    Custom Volume Control
    Blend music + video clips with precision, using volume points in the enhanced Timeline View. Use them to control soundtrack volume levels during specific parts of your show (e.g. during video clips, voiceovers, dramatic scenes, etc).

    Volume Control with Keyframes
    Need even more precision? Adjust the soundtrack volume settings in the keyframe timeline for any slide.

    Quick & Easy Audio Enhancements
    Add instant polish to your show's audio with simple new options that take the guesswork out of controlling fades and crossfades.

    Import Options

    Add Content from 3rd Party Services
    Are your photos scattered over multiple locations online? No problem. Add content to your slideshows from the cloud, just as easily as from your computer.
    Import photos and videos directly from Facebook, Instagram, Smugmug, Zenfolio and Picasa.

    150+ New Effects

    Slide Styles for Every Occasion
    Looking for a quick, easy way to dress up your slideshows? You'll love the new instant slide styles that come built-in to ProShow Producer 6.
    Enjoy dozens of new options for titles, captions, photos and videos, including new collage styles + full length, zero motion and text layer effects. Don't forget to check out the new themes too!

    New Show Templates for Quick Shows ProShow Producer 6 includes several new show templates - pre-built shows that are ready for you to drop in photos. The new templates let you create elegant shows in minutes.

    New Menu Themes
    ProShow 6 includes new menu themes to give your DVDs, Blu-rays, and EXEs a fresh look.

    Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit / 64-bit)

    Download : http://www.fshare.vn/file/TY3XKGTCPT

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    thanks bác, mình rất thích phần mềm này. nếu có thể khai thác toàn bộ sức mạng của công cụ proshow producer này thì có thể xử lý hình ảnh và video một cách thật mạnh mẽ ngay cả với những người không chuyên

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