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    Raxco Perfect Disk v11.0.0 Pro (x86-x64)

    About Perfect Disk Defragmenter

    PerfectDisk is the defragmentation software by Raxco Software. You may be facing the problem of file fragmentation in your computer. System slowness, PC crashes and low performance are its basic symptoms. You can never achieve maximum performance level with fragmented volumes. The more the fragmentation the lesser will be the system's file input output performance. PerfectDisk is vital for all Microsoft current NTFS operating systems.

    PerfectDisk is ideal for all the users as power users, gamers, videographers as well as invoice users. Its optimizing and defragmenting capacity suits all small, medium and the big entrepreneurs. It also works for the disk drives with patented optimization strategy known as SMART Placement. It is the method of optimization of files on usage which results in low refragmentation along with lower consumption of resourses. PerfectDisk gives high priority to free space consolidation. It defragments all the data as well as system files on the hard disk. It runs on both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    Features of PerfectDisk:

    * PerfectDisk completely defragments drives in a single pass than the continuous running of the program gradually defragmenting the file system.

    * An internal task scheduler manages the scheduled defragmentation.
    * PerfectDisk also defragments the free space on the hard disk.
    * It has Boot time defrag of metadata, Master File Table and pagefile.
    * PerfectDisk places the new data files at the end of the drive closer to the free space and the older program files near the start.
    * PerfectDisk supports terabyte sized drives.
    * It can manage and defrag wide enterprise systems.
    * PerfectDisk has full integration with Microsoft Active Directory.
    * It can be programmed to run when the computer is idle and the screensaver is running.
    * It requires just 5% free disk space to run whereas most of the other softwares require 20%.
    * You can get the detailed fragmentation volume of all your files on various hard drives.
    * PerfectDisk also defragments directories, the page file as well as the hibernate file.

    PerfectDisk has various merits to it as compared to other defrag software programs. It has extremely thorough defragmentation engine. It defragments the page file as well as other system files. It defragments the drive in a single run than multiple passes. PerfectDisk is Microsoft certifies which means that it is safe in every sense for your system. It also has the technology to speed up the defragmentation process using fewer resources than other defrag programs as well. So, just go for it.


    [URL="http://............/download/17023.1b7b69e03391638bdccca6229acc/Raxco.Perfect.Disk.v11.0.0.Build.178.Pro._28x86-x64_29.rar.html"]Raxco Perfect Disk v11.0.0 Pro (x86-x64)[/URL]
    O&O Defrag Professional v14.0.167

    About O & O

    O&O Defrag is defragmentation software. It is a simple, secure and quick method to defragment your hard disk to get the maximum performance of your system. O&O Defrag is the ideal solution for all the fragmenting problems and unlocks the hidden performances of your computer. It efficiently repacks your files together hence improving the access time. O&O Defrag optimizes the hard disks in Windows Vista, XP Home, Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Professional. It also has various great functions and better usability as compared to other defrag softwares in the market.

    Fragmentation is the main reason f fall of performance of the system. O&O Defrag enables you to read and write files more quickly and efficiently. It is unique due to its screen saver among all other commercial defrag programs. It also checks the volume of errors before the defrag. It is your wish to carry out defragmention of the disk normally when the computer is idle or as per the set schedule to your need. It is run in the background and you'll hardly notice it.

    Features of O & O defrag

    * OneButtonDefrag technology enables you to sit back and relax while the defragmentaion is done automatically improving the performance level of your computer.

    * O&O Defrag helps in automatic as well as self-adjusted defragmentaion in the background. You can opt for the option to start the defragmentation whenever your screen saver is started and paused when you return to your PC.
    * O&O Defrag helps you monitor and control directly from the task tray.
    * You can even expand O&O Defrag for faster configuration.
    * O&O Defrag has the screensaver mode. It has integrated O&O Defrag ScreenSaver with 3-D animation.
    * O&O Defrag supports all the current Windows operating systems in 32 and 64 bit.
    * O&O Defrag has five different defragmentation methods for different optimizations: Stealth, Space, Complete/Name, Complete/Modified, Complete/Access.

    Other features of O&O Defrag are status reports, command line interface, optional MMC integration, cluster inspector, boot time defragmentation, special support for mobile systems etc.

    O&O Defrag is ideal for all small networks and enterprise-wide applicants:

    Home & Home Office: O&O Defrag increases performance for these along with data recovery and better administration.

    Small and Medium Businesses: O&O Defrag has great products and performance solutions for these.

    Enterprise: O&O Defrag has best solutions and services forvarious IT problems as well.

    So, if you have any low performance problem related to fragmentation O&O Defrag will prove the best software you should go for.


    [URL="http://............/download/46624.48f2f77cad2a180387550ec0e592/OO.Defrag.Professional.v14.0.167.rar.html"]O&O Defrag Professional v14.0.167[/URL]
    Diskeeper Pro Premier 2010 v14.0

    You may be facing the problem of file fragmentation in your computer. System slowness, PC crashes and low performance are its basic symptoms. Diskeeper is no doubt the most effective solution of fragmentation. It helps in defragmentating your hard disk and solving performance problems without scheduling.

    You can never achieve maximum performance level with fragmented volumes. The more the fragmentation the lesser will be the system's file input output performance. Diskeeper is vital to restore and maintain the maximum performance of your system. It will also help you to keep up the optimal speed across the network. It does not involve any long and complex maintenance processes and hosts automatic defragmentation. Diskeeper resolves the fragmentation as it occurs without any time loss. Scheduled defragment processes are outdated now. Diskeeper defragments files on-the-fly using the idle system, the only resource needed.

    Features of Diskeeper:

    * Diskeeper renews reliability of the system by defragmenting the files and folders.

    * It is able to give the maximum performance even for the systems badly fragmentated.
    * It also restores speed and reliability at all the times.
    * Diskeeper is considered to be the most intelligent real time defrag software.
    * It is automatic defragmentation software and is truly indispensable of all others.
    * Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST) is a crucial feature of all. It determines the frequency of the most frequently used files and then places them to the most optimal portion of the disk. It results in the faster file access and also prevents any future fragmentation of those files.

    Versions of Diskeeper:

    There are various versions of Diskeeper available to increase the productivity and to keep the business running in a more successful manner with maximum performance.

    * Home Users: This version of Diskeeper would make your computer run faster. You will surely notice increase in the speed of your system as well as surfing and downloading.

    * Enterprise/Professional: This version enhances file system performance. Just install Diskeeper and you'll never have to worry regarding scheduling and resource conflicts again. It also helps the various small businesses.
    * Professional Premier: This version is specially designed for high end users and professionals. It boosts your system performance even better than it was new. It serves beyond anything else you must have experienced.
    * Server: It offers great speed and performance. It provides a real time file system performance.
    * Enterprise Server: This version provides maximum file system performance for high traffic, enterprise level servers with disk volumes containing millions of files including RAID, NAS and SANS.

    Apart from these versions all the versions that follow are named as per the year-based naming system. So, just defrag your hard disks and install this maximum performance provider software - Diskeeper.


    [URL="http://............/download/01766.0c0c5f99d3e888222aec67001404/Diskeeper_Pro_Premier_2010_v14.0_Build_898_2BFix.rar.html"]Diskeeper Pro Premier 2010 v14.0[/URL]
    Ashampoo Magical Defragmentation

    About Ashampoo Magical Defrag

    Everybody knows the importance of defragmentation. But still only a few go for it. Ashampoo Magical Defrag helps you keep your hard disk tidy and find the data more quickly than the fragmented one without slowing down the system.

    As you use your computer adding and deleting files on daily basis Windows starts taking longer and longer time to retrieve the files from the hard disk. It is so because the single file is split up and stored in different fragments all over the disk. It is quite obvious that finding and accessing the file at different places will take much more time than that of a single place. Once you install Ashampoo Magical Defrag you need not worry about defragmenting your hard disk there after. It does it all without hampering the speed and interfering your work.

    Working of Ashampoo Magical Defrag:

    Whenever you remove a file from the hard disk an empty space is created. And as you write a new file the hard drive tries to fill in this empty space. And if the new file is larger than the empty space it is stored in another available space. This is file fragmentation.

    Defragging is the process of taking all the fragmented files and placing them at a single contiguous location on the hard disk. The time involved in the process will depend on how fragmented your disk is. It can stretch from a few minutes to few hours. Once defragged the file access will be quite instantaneous. So, it is so importance to install Ashampoo Magical Defrag to maintain and optimize your system to work quickly and efficiently.

    And the working of Ashampoo Magical Defrag is similar to that of the running of the screensaver. Whenever your computer is idle, Ashampoo Magical Defrag cuts in and starts cleaning the hard disk. It is just like tidying up your home when you are out. It doesn't interfere as you work upon your system and stops immediately as you take the charge. You may hardly ever notice it's there working for you. Just install and forget, is its basic feature. It keeps defragmenting the hard disk as a background service. The program does it all by monitoring the various parameters as processor load and hard disk access.

    Features of Ashampoo Magical Defrag:

    * It operates invisibly in the background and pauses as soon as you require processor capacity or hard disk access in about 1 second's time.

    * It starts immediately as it finds the system free and needs no pre-analysis. The defragmentation algorithm saves the program from the time-consuming analysis hence, working beneficially even if run for few seconds.
    * Its basic principle is 'install and forget'. You just have to install Ashampoo Magical Defrag and it will keep you system defragmented.
    * It supports multiple users and doesn't need any special rights to do so. It also defrags the hard disk even when none of the users is logged in.
    * Ashampoo Magical Defrag has statistic functions to monitor and control it. It can be done so via local network.
    * It also has a dynamic graphical display showing the drive map display fragmenting your disk and the way it works.

    Ashampoo Magical Defrag 2 is the newer version with all the features of the original program and in addition is compatible to Windows Vista as well. So just install Ashampoo Magical Defrag and keep your computer's hard disk defragmented permanently.

    [URL="http://............/download/87273.82fcbe22474f194394a6205ed48f/Ashampoo.Magical.Defrag.3.v3.0.2.91.Incl.Keygen.and.Patch.rar.html"]Ashampoo Magical Defragmentation[/URL]
    IObit Smart Defrag Server 2010

    Automatically defrag server disk. Optimize server disk in Minutes.

    Disk fragmentation is generally main cause of slow and unstable computer performance. Smart Defrag Server is an easy-to-use application that will help you defragment your hard drive.

    With all levels of RAID volume supported, Smart Defrag Server not only defragments computer deeply but optimizes disk performance.

    With "Install it and forget it" feature, Smart Defrag Server works automatically and quietly in the background on your server, keeping your hard disk running at its peak without downtime. Slow down, freeze-ups and crashes will be a thing of the past.

    Here are some key features of "Smart Defrag Server 2010":

    Install it and forget it:

    · The intuitive interface makes Smart Defrag Server the ideal utility for complete dummies.
    Always-on Working:
    · Smart Defrag Server works automatically and quietly in the background, constantly keeps your computer fragment-free without any server downtime.
    · Super Efficient Defragmentation
    · No more long time waiting, Smart Defrag Server has the fastest defragment engine in the world and finishes the job just in minuts.
    · Optimize File System
    · Not just simple defragment, Smart Defrag also streamlines the file system and makes your computer run at the peak.
    · Smart Defrag Server supports all raid volumes, such as RAID5, RAID0, RAID6, RAID10 etc


    · Processor:Intel Pentium 300 MHz processor (or equivalent) or better

    · RAM:256 MB of RAM
    · HDD: 10 MB

    What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

    · Added support for solid-state disk,

    · Improved analysis report,
    · Fixed general bugs.

    [URL="http://............/download/48828.4ab574225c4163f03c0256efc305/defragserver2010trial.exe.html"]IObit Smart Defrag Server 2010[/URL]

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