TIỆN ÍCH Phần mềm cài đặt Games và Apps cho Iphone chưa Jailbreak (2018)

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    Phần mềm cài đặt Games và Apps cho Iphone chưa Jailbreak 2018

    • Open safari browser on your iOS device and go to the url given below.

    • Wait for a moment to load the web page completely. Now at the bottom of the screen, you can see above arrow icon. Tap it to expand.

    • Now you can see many option. Simply tap on add to home screen.

    • In the very next prompt, Name the app icon as AppEven and tap add.

    • Now it will take a few seconds to finish the installation process.
    • Go to home screen and tap the app’s icon.
    • Now visit the download page and tap on download button to complete the installation. It will take few seconds to complete the installation process.
    • Now you can find lot of apps and games on your iDevice’s screen.

    • Tap on Get button to download any app for free.
    Please note that this app can only be installed through safari browser. Other browser would no longer supports the installation process.

    Some times you may need VPN to download some apps as they may not available in your location. In that case, the download speed of app is definitely low.
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