Redsn0w 0.9.8b1: jailbreak iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, iPod touch iOS 5

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    These are instructions on how to jailbreak your iPhone 4 on the 5.0b1 firmware using RedSn0w for Mac. Since iOS 5.0 has not yet been released these are instructions for developers only. This procedure will cause you to upgrade your baseband potentially ruining your chances for an unlock, it will not hacktivate so you must have your UDID registered with a developer, and it is tethered.

    If you want to jailbreak a lower firmware version you can find the appropriate tutorial here.

    Step One
    Create a folder on your desktop called Pwnage

    Download RedSn0w from here and place it in the Pwnage folder. Likewise, download the latest 5.0b1 firmware from the iOS developer center and place it in the same folder.

    5.0b1: iPhone3,1_5.0_9A5220p_Restore.ipsw

    Extract the RedSn0w zip file by double clicking it.

    Step Two
    Connect your iPhone to the computer and launch iTunes.

    Select your iPhone from the list of devices on the left. Now hold down Option and click the Restore button. Restore is preferred as it won't create any wasted space on your iPhone.

    Navigate to the Pwnage folder on your desktop and select the 5.0b1 firmware ipsw. Click the Choose button to continue.

    Step Three
    Once iTunes has finished updating your iPhone to the desired firmware open the Pwnage folder on your desktop and launch the redsn0w application from the redsn0w folder we extracted earlier.

    Step Four
    Once RedSn0w opens click the Browse button

    Step Five
    Select the 5.0b1 firmware ipsw we placed in the Pwnage folder on our desktop then click Open.

    Step Six
    Once the firmware has been verified click the Next button to continue.

    Step Seven
    RedSn0w will now prepare the jailbreak data

    Step Eight
    From this window you can select the jailbreak options you would like.

    Make sure Cydia is selected and click the Next button to continue

    Step Nine
    Please plug your iPhone into the computer and make sure its OFF then click the Next button

    Step Ten
    RedSn0w will now guide you through the steps to get into DFU mode. You can find more help with DFU mode here

    Hold down both the Home button and the Power button for 10 seconds.

    Release the Power button and continue holding the Home button until RedSn0w detects the device.

    Step Eleven
    Your iPhone will now reboot

    Step Twelve
    RedSn0w will then begin uploading the new RAM Disk and Kernel.

    Step Thirteen
    Once this is complete you will be notified that RedSn0w is done. Click the Finish button. When your iPhone finishes rebooting (5 minutes or so) it will be jailbroken with Cydia on the SpringBoard.

    *As usual a big thanks to the iPhone Dev-Team and Geohot for their hard work and contribution to the iPhone community.


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    JB dc roài à. mới beta mà làm như thế này apple bun` chit`
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    Yeah, cuối cùng thì mình đã có thể JB ios 5. Thanks
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    Buồn thế, chẳng ai đếm xỉa bấm 1 nút thanks, oải.....
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    Bổ sung phiên bản redsn0w 0.9.8b1 dùng cho hệ điều hành Windows để jailbreak iphone iOS 5.0b1 đây:
    .................................................. ...

    Last Friday, we reported on Redsn0w 0.9.8b1, a new version of the well-known jailbreaking tool that supports iOS 5. Now, there’s a Windows version too!

    As detailed by the iPhone Dev-Team in blog post, the Windows version of Redsn0w, just like the Mac version, will overwrite unlockable basebands, which can be a problem if your phone is unlocked:
    UNLOCKERS AND THOSE PRESERVING THEIR UNLOCKABLE BASEBANDS SHOULD STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS! You will very likely lose your unlockable baseband if you try to install iOS 5.​
    The developers also stressed that this tool is only meant for developers due to the bugs it’s currently plagued with:
    THIS JAILBREAK IS INTENDED ONLY FOR DEVELOPERS OF JAILBROKEN APPS! There are just too many broken components (Apple’s official apps, 3rd-party App Store apps, Cydia apps, MobileSubstrate apps, etc) for this to be useful to anyone but those truly looking to fix bugs in their iOS 5 jailbroken apps. (Seriously!)​
    If you don’t have an Apple Developer account, Redsn0w will not force an activation either. Your device must already be activated:
    THIS REDSN0W WILL NOT HACTIVATE 5.0b1! You need to be an iOS developer with a registered UDID to get past all the new activation screens. PLEASE DON’T PIRATE APPLE SOFTWARE! Only registered devs with Macs can develop iOS applications,
    Just like the Mac version, this is an tethered jailbreak, which means that you’ll have to run Redsn0w and plug your handset into your computer whenever you power your device on in order to boot into a jailbroken state. If a well-known iPhone developer is to be believed, an untethered jailbreak won’t be available anytime soon, due to changes made in iOS 5.

    Redsn0w 0.9.8b1 will support following devices :
    • iPod touch 3G
    • iPod touch 4G
    • iPad 1
    • iPhone3GS
    • iPhone4 (GSM)
    • iPhone4 (CDMA)
    Download redsn0w 0.9.8b1 for Windows :
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