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Hi guys, we all have the need for improving our english skills which we have been learning over time at schools. But as you know, our english skills are not as good as what we want. This topic is created in order to give us all a chance to support each other in exchanging experience, materials, and other tools related to learning english.

The most useful dictionary app for all english learners:


Dữ liệu từ điển:

Hàng trăm từ điển khác:
Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary 3 (CALD 3)
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 5th Edition (LDOCE 5)
Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
Merriam Webster Collegiate 11
American Heritage Dictionary
Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 8 (OALD 8)
Collins + sounds
Dữ liệu tiếng việt:
+ Lạc việt (E-V,V-A)
+ LacViet_AV_VA_VV.dsl (Bản mới gồm cả 3 từ điển)
+ Prodic Business (EV,VE)
+ Prodic Technical (EV,VE)


Oxford 9 và Longman 6 full hình ảnh, phát âm chuẩn không cần chỉnh bản mới nhất
Màu đẹp hơn

Các thím thích Fshare
Cambridge full hình ảnh phát âm
Tài liệu tập nghe cho các thím mới bắt đầu:
Các thím download books về in ra để điền lúc nghe nhé.

Tactics For Listening Basic
Tactics For Listening Developing
Tactics for listening expanding
Tập nghe rất tốt cho người bắt đầu học (chép lại từ mới, tập đọc theo, chép lại, nghe):
Cho những bạn có levels cao hơn một chút (chép lại từ mới, học, tập đọc theo, chép lại, nghe):
Grammar books (english grammar in use)
Test your vocab
English talks for high level achievers: If you can follow these talks without Vietnamese subtitles, congratulations! You do not need to learn english any more.
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Mod @Duy Luân đã bật đèn xanh cho anh em lập thớt tiếng anh như bên dưới. Chờ hoài không thấy @Mistress 9 trả lời vì sao các thớt tiếng anh bị xoá. Bây giờ chúng ta lập một thread mới để có chỗ anh em luyện tập tiếng anh. Vì chúng tôi đã làm đơn ở đây, đề nghị @Mistress 9 không xoá topic tiếng anh của chúng tôi.
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Anh em chưa viết tốt tiếng anh nên
dùng google translate, không dùng tiếng Việt trong này nhé anh em.
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E hóng thím suốt. :adore:
@voz.potter Well, I will but not very soon. 😁
@iPhonefans Always welcome. Bro.
@voz.potter really nigga? are you fucking kidding me?
@vitvoz I’m not kidding u. I’m only boy. 😔
Mình lười học tiếng anh quá. Có cách nào không các bác.
@Huỳnh Xuân Sang Lười học nhưng vẫn muốn giỏi đúng k thím?
@Huỳnh Xuân Sang Hey man we have a rule: your writings all are in english.
@Huỳnh Xuân Sang Bitc, englisk please
@ppptran Oh no! Do say that to your tinhtevoz-mates dude. Calm down and have nice conversation. :cool:
hay quá các chị ơi, có chát bằng englíh luôn ko

How to improve skills in writing my English?
@Khánh 1020 The purpose of this topic is for enhancing our english skills. Just start from beginning.:cool:
hay quá các chị ơi, có chát bằng englíh luôn ko

How to improve skills in writing my English?
@Khánh 1020 I think it should be "writing skills in English"
Hail Duy Luân
4 - be9D0Di.gif
@Lửng Mật I hope that this topic is gonna be safe from Mistriss 9.:p
Today is a good day.
@colenao00 How good is it? Could you describe it in english here?:cool:
@iPhonefans I very glad with this thớt. I think it will help we freedom and grow in near future. So I comment “Today is a good day” to bookmark.
@colenao00 Got it.:p
I want to learn English grammar, the only purpose for communicating. The English course I can study? I don't need higher things.

Muốn học ngữ pháp tiếng anh mục đích duy nhất chỉ để chat giao tiếp thì học bộ giáo trình nào thím. Mình không cần thứ cao siêu hơn.
@iPhonefans I don't know if there's a Vietnamese version. I once saw that book in a bookstore. It is published by a Vietnamese publisher but everything inside is written in English, which is exactly why I decided to buy it 😁
@Tú art I updated the book on the first post already. But it is kind of outdated. :D
để ăn mừng em nghĩ thím nên phát card . em viettel nhé
@vavaaaaa Nope man. The point is that I guess there are not many chinese learners here.:cool:
@vavaaaaa Just search on google. I think, there are several forums for that.
(check my fault)
@vavaaaaa give me a 50k vnd viettel!
@longcoitk197 Seri 123456789123456 okke
Yay, finally!!!!!!! You know, dude, this topic has been deleted two times already and it made me think that Tinhte people have an aversion to English
@Lambdadelta Umineko Two times.

It seems that Mistriss 9 does not like english. She/He just deleted our topics. :cool:
thanks you for sharing
Are u gay ?
@thieuchris Will Pig eat all bone? upload_2019-5-6_12-19-0.png
@Nguyen Tan X Do u like it? upload_2019-5-6_12-21-26.png
@voz.potter I'm thinking about trap kkkk
Why can't we sometimes use Vietnamse in this topic? I know we need to use English to improve our English, but sometimes we can't describe what we want or need in English. Google translate? No, it can't help that much. And afterall, we are all Vietnamese, in a Vietnamese forum, so we can sometime use Vietnamese to help improving English.
@SonAmpe I think it is reasonable to have vietnamese here occasionally but do not abuse it. 😁
Good night my friends!
@SonAmpe Have a nice dream.;)
I very like this thread.
I very want this thread is never deleted.
@tahnmij "really like"
@tahnmij Vinglish?
@tahnmij I think you should use "I really like this thread", "i want this thread will never be deleted"
@tahnmij You have to say "I do want..." not "I very want..."
I want learn english to make love with us woman.
@Huỳnh Xuân Sang Not just for us girls and women dude. ;)
@iPhonefans teen blonde is always da best 😁
@vitvoz "Teen blonde" the phrase i usually see in some webs but i not remember what. :D
This thread approved by Mr. Duy Luân. Thank you!
@Davangsg Somehow, mods here do not know what is happening here, and other thing is that tinhte cannot censor all posts here.:p
@iPhonefans It is too late. Bye!
@Davangsg See ya.😃
@Davangsg This thread can be useful if everyone join and comment. Although Mods like or not, they should not delete our topic because it's for the good purpose.
btw, thanks @iPhonefans for the thread. i really like to pratice english skills but hardly no chance.
@fRzzy. welcome VIP:cool:
@fRzzy. You mean this Happy?
@fRzzy. You mean this Happy?
@fRzzy. Mother fuck u
@Nguyen Tan X What is wrong here making you insult him like this?
rumors ur home will come back within 3 days. Will you come home and leave this topic?
@raica7979 We'll see if it is true. At least we have two places to have fun. :cool:
@iPhonefans why u dont leave v0z to become a winner? :look_down:
Welcome to a new week. Have a good time!

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